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Happy Eat-All-The-Things Day!

Gakked from some random Twitter feed (No, we didn't have more than flurries and slush here):

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the upcoming holiday

I've been up for two hours and probably should try to sleep some more. Going into work tomorrow (today) to check on some things. Have been off since Thursday, which has been nice. Trying to get the house in shape for parental visit.

I have named the turkey Gigantor. He is currently living in a cooler filled with ice on the kitchen floor as my fridge is too small.

I am thinking about spatchcocking the bird. Cause that is such an awesome word. Also so he can fit in available cooking utensils. In parts (insert demonic laugh here.)

Just finished Tamora Pierce's Immortals series. I am reading the individual series within the overall Tortall series backwards. Although I've only read one Beka Cooper so far (well, heard, since I listened to Terrier). I bought Bloodhound at a con and Mastiff is generally available as it is a recent publication. Then I read Protector of the Small, then Immortals. I have the Lioness quartet on hold at the library, with the third in the series requested from inter-library loan.

#1 son is rocketing through Supernatural and I've been dipping into it alongside him. A little bloody for me but it's becoming cartoonish the more I watch. He really enjoys the humor and breaking the fourth wall and all. I am intrigued by the essential bleakness of the Winchester existence. And Castiel and Crowley. That show is blessed with good secondary characters.

I am way behind on everything else teevee. Except Doctor Who.Collapse ) 

Xmas is looming, isn't it? I have quite a nice little list for #1, #2 is going all out for a Wii U (he's well into 'a pony or nothing!' phase) but I am reluctant to bring a third game console into the house. I have nothing on my list and R wants some kind of battery something at Home Depot. The boys will probably club together to get him a gift card. It takes away any spontaneity if I have to make him write down exactly what he wants, down to make and model.

There was a terrific storm tonight but it seems to have blown over. My alarm goes off in two hours, not that I have a set time to be at work but it helps to keep a schedule of sorts. So good night and good night.

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in which i take the morning off

I worked last Sunday and have been taking some short days this week in lieu.

It is getting cold, the heat comes on in the morning and a wood fire at night is most welcome.

I keep solving one problem at work only to have another pop up. All are related and all are catastrophic. I'm juggling bowling balls here.

The ESA landed a probe on a comet. I'd been reading about the name of the probe since one of the ladiesbingo stories I'm trying to write is set on Amelia Peabody's dahabeeyah, the Philae. Weird coincidence. This amazing accomplishment is being overshadowed by the shirt controversy and the fact that it may have bounced and landed wrong. Really?

Still avoiding most news because of bad feelings, as in "I have a bad feeling about this". It's a refreshing break actually.

A medical supplies provider screwed up their submission to Medicare on behalf of a service they provided my mother and for which they didn't get paid. Naturally this has resulted in almost a year of bills, threats, promises, cajoling, letters, etc., harassing my elderly parents for money they don't owe. The doctor's office which prescribed the service has tried and tried to get it fixed, or so they say. My mom has called and called and written and been told it's fixed, but it's not. My sister just complains to me about it. I've asked her to get all the material together, copy it and send it along for me to try and tackle. She wants me to come pick it up. Yeah, right.

Went to Financial Aid night at the high school. Was relieved, or maybe appalled, at how much I knew about the system already. Was appalled, or maybe depressed, at how much chatter about gaming the system I overheard. I'm no good at games.

Welp. I do have to get dressed and drive to my place of employment. Where did my morning go?

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I am almost over my post-election news ban. I prefer to let the bad news trickle in rather than rush over me like a torrent. Though I'm a band-aid ripper rather than a peeler. I guess that analogy won't work here. In any case we're in for the full Chinese curse the next two years ('may you live in interesting times...') It probably won't make any difference on the personal level. My taxes might go down. The new high school we desperately need might get delayed (although they may be too far along. Aren't sunk costs great?) They'll probably start fracking in the western part of my state but that won't affect me much. The inevitable cuts to science budgets will hurt, as will the great hunt for waste in state government. I wish I was a little older, or even better that my kids were a little older. Though it looks like I might have stay-at-home college students, sigh. If I lose my job there will be (even less) unemployment support. Who knows what will happen with health care.

I think politicians should be boring. I think bankers should be boring. These should be boring steady jobs with competence valued over everything. I'm tired of the circus. It's why I liked my last governor. He was boring, just doing his job, getting some things he wanted, compromising on others. He'd be a good president but will never get there because boring.

The leaves are gently falling outside. It's like being in a leafy snowglobe. I am going in late to work today because...I don't want to go in at all? I intellectually realize the privilege I have in being able to do this, although not fully and in my gut. In any case it's pre-made up time, that is I've worked over prior to this. Compensatory time is not explicitly allowed for at my level, but that rule is honored in the ignoring of it. I did check my e-mail, bare minimum I know. I have unpleasant chores to do at work, and so delay.

R and I had a long discussion last night about my unsteady and increasingly iffy job situation, his stable but increasingly tense and all-consuming job situation, his wish to retire while he has time, my fears of going to one income although that's eventually inevitable given his condition. Times like these makes me squirrel away money and also spend like a drunken sailor. #1 is almost done with high school, #2 just started middle school. I definitely picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue. (Kidding!)

I took a tumble on the driveway a few days ago; not hurt exactly although my scraped knee is still sore and I have a bruise on my temple from whacking the concrete with my head. My knee gave out under me (again) which combined with slippery wet leaves--down she goes! I almost fell trotting to my car yesterday morning when my ankle turned suddenly. Time has kept me from my regular gym attendance; time to get back to it.

My ladiesbingo card will probably never be filled because the prompts that tickled my muse didn't line up properly. I finished one WIP for it, have written two more very short pieces, and am almost done with a fourth. No, I haven't posted them because...I'm not sure why. I should do that, shouldn't I? I have an idea for my B5 Christmas this year but am not sure I can pull it off.

In aid of that I am entertaining suggestions for the 12 best episodes of Babylon 5; any season including the movies and Lost Tales. Maybe not Crusade since I still haven't watched it (hey, now there's an idea for Thanksgiving week!) Hit me with a full or partial list. If babylon5_love goes up in December, depending on its format I may have to bail on this idea, but I'd still like to hear your suggestions, especially if you have a guilty pleasure episode, one that's not usually cited in 'Best of' lists.

I am blazing my way through the Bujold audio books and have belatedly discovered Tamora Pierce. 3M Cloud is a much better library app than Overdrive, at least so far. Just downloaded it today and am still trying it out. But much faster and more Tamora Pierce! Haven't looked for audiobooks there yet, hope they have them. I have made book discussion group every month so far. I listened to December's book, This is How You Lose Her, on audio CD. Not sure I liked it, but it was interesting. It will be interesting to discuss anyway. I told #1 that the only thing I took away about the female characters were their names and what type of ass they had. A couple of people have stopped me afterward book club to tell me I have such interesting views. This pleases me beyond what it should. I am socially isolated like whoa, and I'm thinking more of this 'talking to people' would be good for me.

#2 went to the Fall Social at the middle school. Den of vipers that it is I was worried sick. Went to pick him up and found him surrounded by GIRLS, dancing his little feet off. I may have to re-examine the benefits of idiosyncracy without social anxiety. Am now trying to find dance/exercise class/outlet for him. He needs physical exercise but fights all organized competitive and choreographed activities.

I'm going to have to leave for work now, aren't I? *gloom* Bye, all.

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a hairy question


Since I have no one else to ask, Internet, tell me. Should I cut off my hair? I switched to semi-permanent hair dye, attempting to grow out the grey and avoid the striped-dog look (although I get busy and have the grey root syndrome way more often than I like). The idea was to cut it short at some point and grow it out all grey. It turns out it takes way more time than you would think to grow out the permanently colored part. I was looking at photos of Anne Rice's smooth salt-and-pepper look and Janis Ian's great white shock of dandelion fuzz and wondered if it's time. No one will like it, and I'll admit I've enjoyed having red hair and it waves nicely. But it's a young look and I have to pull it back tight at work in any case. What say ye?


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Elections and Ebola

b5_pick a card
So, I voted. I'm planning a news blackout for the next few days. The Republican takeover, assuming it happens, will be obnoxious but it seems to be what the country wants. Democracy bites.

As my country begins yet another process of demonization (this time on the block: nurses) I wonder what authority figures are going to be left for us to trust. I mean, we've ditched teachers, cops, firemen...politicians have been gone a long time. Businessmen were flirted with but given up quickly. Scientists, gone. Postmen, gone. Doctors, way gone. Farmers? Maybe. I don't know. In any case, Ebola is an awful disease. It isn't airborne. It isn't here. My little county school system DOES NOT NEED TO SEND HOME PACKETS WITH MY KIDS. It is not a terrorist conspiracy. We need to fight it with science and with money and with massive unwavering support for those willing to deal with it on the front lines. We need a united front. We do not need to crawl under the covers and attempt to block out the world.

Thomas Duncan got infected when he helped get a sick pregnant woman to the hospital. This is not a bad man.
Kaci Hickox used her vacation time to go to Africa and nurse sick and dying people. This is not a selfish woman.
Dr. Craig Spencer has worked in several African countries teaching and caring for the sick. This is not a stupid man.

Chill the hell out, America.

I should take my own advice re the election, shouldn't I?

I have to go to bed now. Can't even watch the Supernatural retrospective cause they keep interrupting it with election updates. Blech.

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All Hallows Eve

So Halloween is over.
Odin All-Father had a great time. So did Elmer Fudd.

This blog post made me tear up a little.
My little boy is so very big.
My big boy can be so very young.

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May I just say that 20 lbs of applies is quite a lot of apples? #2 and I went apple-picking this weekend and brought back a haul. Braeburn, Granny Smith and Stayman mostly, with a smattering of Suncrisp, Fuji, and Enterprise.

One pie has been made and eaten. Another has been made for the pie potluck at work this Friday.

I plan to try slow cooker apple butter with the Staymans.

I made sweet potato and apple biscuits tonight. They are awesome with the pumpkin cool whip dip stuff I bought at the farmer's market this weekend.

I have a pork loin awaiting the apple and onion treatment. Apple crisp will be made. Possibly I will saute some apples with the delicata squash.


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inquiring minds

Last week's Criminal Minds (how are we on Season 10??) had Lyta as an airline pilot. In previous years we have had both Ivanova and Talia (on separate episodes) as cops. Awesome. Usually I only play 'who played what' with British TV!

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I left work early with a splitting 'monitor stare' headache thinking I would work on stuff from home. The commute was awful and I had to stop at the store, not my normal one so it took forever to find everything and I got home about the usual time anyway. Unfortunately I got a new computer at work some weeks ago and they must have changed its name on the network cause I can't remote in. That means making up time on the weekend. Dammit.

At least it will be quiet on the weekend. Except for the alarming equipment which is malfunctioning and left to endlessly alarm which drives me nuts.

Behind on all my shows due to lightning weekend visit to my parents. My sister was away on vacation. Yes I was checking up on them. Dad had some kind of eye treatment that meant he couldn't go outside for five days. While my sister was out of town. I did the shopping and cooking and took my mom out to buy clothes. But they are fine. No movement on the house so no move to Florida. A bit depressing for them. They are going to try and come over for Thanksgiving. Which (gulp) means getting the house in a fit condition to be seen.

This weekend is the last for the Farmer's market (not, however, the last for the CSA). Last weekend was the last for the Renn Faire.

I have bits of four stories written. I'm really enjoying Agents of SHIELD this season. Listening to Bujold's Shards of Honor and Barrayar on the commute. Not reading much. Next book club book is Every Day by David Levithan. Not terribly interested but needs must. Read 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass as #2 had to read it for school so we could discuss it. Really liked that one.

We got the leaves and gutters done by new yard guys (I feel so decadent but we are too old and tired and busy to do it ourselves any more).

I'm accompanying a bunch of sixth graders on a field trip into a swamp next week.

Busy and tired and jittery nervous about work and home.

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